Heather Smith

I was born in a thatched cottage on the Yorkshire Dales. According to my mother it was a dreadful night. The gales played havoc with the thatches, making the roof look much like our sheep when shorn by my pub loving father. Unfortunately, the local doctor couldn't make it to the birth. Lucky for me, Edna the cow was labouring that night as well, so our dedicated veterinarian stepped in and, after the calves were delivered, employed his freshly-used bovine whelping forceps to deliver me safe and sound.

Actually, none of that is true. Not one bit. I was born in St. John's, Newfoundland. My father doesn't shear sheep while drunk, nor was I pulled from my mother with bovine whelping forceps. But I do love to prattle on about the Dales, amongst other things, hence this blog.

At Old Biddy Rambling you'll find ramblings about Coronation Street, mothering while trying to keep up with Coronation Street, old biddies, CBC personalities, aging, and dear Edgerton, my anal retentive husband.

When I am not making up complete and utter crap for my blog, I am making up stories for children and young adults. Much of my young adult fiction is surprisingly not set in the Yorkshire Dales, but in the equally beautiful Newfoundland. Still in the "rejection letter collecting phase" of my career, I hope to make the move to full-fledged author-hood soon.

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