Heather Smith
The mnemonic most used in my household is BRAT. As in BRAT diet … bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. Yes, the stomach flu has been making the rounds through each and every one of my family members and, while the pantry is stocked with Christmas cake, cookies and chocolate, and the fridge holds glorious amounts of wine; the BRAT diet is in full effect. Shame.

While BRAT may be my most used mnemonic, my most favourite mnemonic of all time … ever… is Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet and Watch.

The fact that Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet and Watch is used as a memory aid for the correct order in which to bless oneself makes me chuckle … because I have never worn my spectacles on my forehead and I’m pretty sure, after producing three children, that the old whotsits aren’t located in the stomach.

I like the word spectacles. It just bounces off the tongue, doesn’t it? Spectacles. Has anyone seen my spectacles? Spec-ta-cles. Oh, look here are my spectacles, right on my forehead where I left them. Spectacles. Spectacles. Spectacles.

The word "spectacles" too hoity-toity for you? Try shortening it to specs. Short, snappy and cool. Hey, man, seen my specs anywhere? The insult “four-eyes” too boring for you? Do as the Brits do and stick the word specky in front of it – specky four-eyes. Now it’s hilarious.

I’ll sign off now as I feel I may be making a spectacle of myself by overusing the word spectacles … and besides, my eyes are getting tired as I am not wearing my …um, corrective lenses.
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  1. D. Swart Says:

    I've always wondered (as someone who needsn't a mnemonic for such things) why the wallet (right) and watch (left) are in the incorrect order.

    (It's left-right, like you're pulling a zipper across your chest with your right hand.)

  2. I believe the saying goes back to the days of pocket watches kept in the right-hand waistcoat pocket and wallets kept in the left.

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