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There was an article at CBC.ca yesterday about an employer who received a text message from one of his employees saying that he, the employee, was stuck in a hole. The police were alerted and the search began. Turns out the employee was at home, drunk off his face, with trigger happy texting fingers.

CBC's headline?

WTF? False cry for help in text message triggers police search.

The WTF part of the headline generated many negatives comments on the CBC message board. Posters hurled words at the CBC such as classless, inappropriate, and unprofessional.

I, OTOH, LOL'ed and ROFLMAO'ed. Especially when the people commenting complained that they couldn't use WTF in their post because of the CBC language filter. OMG I almost PMPL.

The CBC have now removed WTF from the headline. :(

IMHO, it may have technically been inappropriate but, ATEOTD, it was a ray of sunshine on a website full of mostly dismal news ... and TBH, GMTA because I would have written the same headline.

Anyway, G2G. HAND, and remember, DFTT.

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2 Responses
  1. CLB Says:

    Oh my I need a translation on a few of these:







    These leave me thinking WTF?

  2. Iron Monkey Says:

    WTF, everyone knows these:
    PMPL - Peed My Pants Laughing
    ATEOTD - At The End Of The Day
    TBH - To Be Honest

    You are not 1337 enough. AFAIK, you can find a full list here: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix:Internet_slang


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