Heather Smith
I think Shaun Majumder and I could be BFF's. And here's why:

He's from Newfoundland - I'm from Newfoundland

He's kinda ebony - I'm kinda ivory

He's funny - I try to be.

He has Mussels In The Corner listed on one of his playlists - I once killed Mussels In The Corner on the accordion.

See what I mean? If that isn't BFF material I don't know what is.

I'm tellin' ya - if I ever got hold of Shaun Majumder I'd grab him by the cheeks and shake his head back and forth saying, "Who's a funny boy then? Huh? Who is it? Is it my Shaunie? Yes it is! Oh yes it is!"

Is this blog post confusing you? It's not about my dream life on the Yorkshire Dales, it's not about my dear persnickety Edgerton, it's not even about my three children whose constant needs keep me months behind on Coronation Street. So where did the whole Shaun Majumder/BFF thing come from you ask? I'll tell you where. CBC's Canada Writes. Shaun is one of the judges. I listened last week and his talent is undeniable. He tickles me, I tell ya. Cracks me right up.

If you ask me, Shaun Majumder fits right in here at Old Biddy Rambling. He and Edgie would get along, I'm sure of it (I must find out if Shaun appreciates fine coffee made in the most anal of ways), and I am sure Edgerton wouldn't mind if Shaun appeared in one of my dreamy Yorkshire Dales posts (after all, there's room for three around the open fire inside my charming thatched cottage).

Yes, Shaun would be a perfect BFF. I can see us now, sitting atop a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It's beautiful. It's picturesque. The cold wind is eating the faces right off of us. The waves crash against the rocks, the noise preventing me from hearing anything Shaun says, but I watch his mouth moving and I laugh - oh how I laugh - because whatever he's saying is most certainly funny. It would have to be. It's coming from the sweet lips of Shaun Majumder. My BFF.
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10 Responses
  1. CLB Says:

    But would you like it if he was Raj Binder all the time?

  2. Nancy Barnes Says:

    Dear Lisa - I apologise for my dumbass sister who is more than willing to dump you for a celebrity. I'm sure you wouldn't have shared so much with her if you thought she'd turn around and share it all with Shaun Majumder so he can use it in a future skit. Okay, I'm sure the skit would be hysterical, but still. She's obviously a flake and you're probably better off without her.

  3. I bet Lisa loves him too. She would accept him as my BFF free pass.

  4. Robin Says:

    I'd hang with Shaun Majumder. He could be our co-BFF.
    So when you say "I once killed Mussels In The Corner on the accordion." Did you mean killed as in "did a great job on", or killed as in "murdered, ruined, decimated". Cos, I know which one it really was...

  5. I meant "murdered, ruined, decimated". I didn't realize "killed it" could be a good thing. You kids and your lingo, I'll never understand it (said in my best old biddy voice).

  6. Lisa TS Says:

    Thanks for your support Nancy! When I started reading this I thought "Wait a minute, I thought I was her BFF." He can be your B(boy)BFF.
    When I think of Shaun M I remember the time I was watching him during the Millenium New Years Eve celebrations on CBC (I was nursing a 3 week old Anna, not really in the partying mood I tell ya). He was drunk off his rocker reporting from some bar in St. John's. Classic television.
    Heather, what about your dear Jian?? Are we all being cast to the wind for Shaun??

  7. Yes!!! BBFF exactly - usually reserved for gays but seeing that I have no one that fits that criteria Shaun Majumder could be my stand in homosexual.

    While Jian would make a great BBFF I am afraid that I would be guarded in his company - trying too hard to make an impression. With Shaun, on the other hand, I could kick back with a drink, tell off-colour jokes and, if need be, whip off the old bra and slip into a pair of Hello Kitty pajamas - just like I do with my real BFF (who could never be replaced), Lisa.

  8. Lisa TS Says:

    Phew! And I'm all about whipping off the bra these days. LOL.

  9. Nancy Barnes Says:

    Ummm, I think the comments section of this blog is getting a bit too personal!!

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