Heather Smith
Yesterday, I was listening to Richard Stursberg (CBC's executive vice-president of English Services) on Ontario Today. He was taking calls about the recent CBC cutbacks and did a great job explaining the reasoning behind some of the difficult cuts that had to be made.

One of the callers caught my attention. An older man who had been a CBC radio listener for forty years asked why the older generation are being left out of the target audience. An old biddy at heart, I had been thinking the exact same thing recently.

I am a devout Q listener and thoroughly enjoy The Point, but lets face it, the old folks sitting around the home won't be tuning in, will they? What are they supposed to do? Listen to Kixx? That'll surely result in a premature and painful death.

What we need is a new radio personality. A Bill Richardson/Jian Ghomeshi combination. Someone with their finger on the pulse of both popular culture and the good ol' days... 'cause let me tell you, the only fingers on pulses these days are the ones checking if the CBC-deprived oldies have died of boredom.

So CBC, as a defender of old biddies and crotchety geezers everywhere, please, when you are in a position to do so, give us a cross-generational radio show. Something fun. Something witty. Think BBC's Just A Minute. Come on, you're a talented bunch! I know you can do it!
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  1. Lisa TS Says:

    While this proves I am slipping into old biddydom against my will, I agree. While I enjoy the new shows, there is something comforting about the ones geered to older folks. For example, I like listening to Ed Lawrence talk about gardening on Ontario Today.
    On a similar note, Christian and I were wondering who we would want to replace Peter (heaven forbid) on the National. I thought Mark Kelley. He is very comforting and not too brash. Thoughts?

  2. I love Ed Lawrence too. We need more like him!!! I miss Sheila during the week.

    I agree. Mark Kelly would be GREAT.

  3. Nancy Barnes Says:

    Mark Kelly would be my second choice. Seeing as the CBC cancelled Evan Solomon's news show on Sunday mornings, he has my great big vote!!!

  4. Iron Monkey Says:

    The wrinklies have Rex Murphy, don't they?

    And Bob McDonald is a bit of an elder statesman (he's only 58, but he has grey hair...)

    And yes, Ed Lawrence. He actually makes gardening sound interesting because he has a great voice that instills me with the green-thumbed confidence I don;t actually possess.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Rex Murphy for the wrinklies! Please, a fate worse than death, if I am expected to enjoy Rex's silly rants! How old are you Iron Monkey? The wrinklies can enjoy Jian, George on the Hour, Evan Solomon, any personality with ideas to share. Please, we don't have to identify with their hair colour to listen to their views.

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