Heather Smith

I looked at my face the other day. Really looked at it. I have this big crease across my forehead. I showed my husband. "That's from years of wearing a grumpy frown," he said. I went back to the mirror. I frowned. No, that wasn't it. Frowning appeared to be the cause of the smaller wrinkles at the top of my nose, between my eyes.

So what was the cause of this ginormous gash in the middle of my forehead? I practiced some other faces in the hopes of finding out.

Feeling hopeful, I smiled. Nope, that wasn't it.

Wondering if perhaps I have spent most of my life surprised, I widened my eyes and channeled a sense of wonder. Nope, that wasn't it either.

Then I put on my incredulous look. Bingo! The crease deepened, the length and depth of it revealing just how often I have made that face over the years.

As I examined my incredulous face my head was instantly filled with echoes ... echoes of my own voice ...

Yeah, right.

What a bloody moron.
People are idiots.
What a jerk.

What was he/she thinking?

Are you outta your freakin' mind?

What the hell?

It may appear that I have spent most of my life thinking people are idiots and pshawing every five minutes, but on further reflection I realized that my incredulous face is also one I use quite often in an amused "you're such a jerk, that's why I love you" kind of way.

Am I bothered by the fact that my incredulity has left its mark on my once smooth forehead? Nah. Whatdaya gonna do? So I have a big wrinkle on my head ... so what? At least it wasn't caused by years of frowning. That, I'd regret.
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  1. Iron Monkey Says:

    "quite often in an amused 'you're such a jerk, that's why I love you'"

    So I am a jerk who amuses you? Maybe I was the one with the grumpy frown over all these years...

  2. Aunt Nancis Says:

    Poor Iron Monkey, you should leave that biddy. She abuses you. As for you, Biddy, I'm glad to see that America's/Canada's Next Top Model modelling tips were not wasted as you used them in your mirror while making wrinkly-faces. Tyra would be proud!

  3. Okay, I wasn't bashing dear Edgerton. The jerkiness goes both ways - and I admit that I'm probably the bigger one. We amuse each other. I just happen to have the wrinkle that shows it.

  4. Don Says:

    And here was I, thinking the reference was to your sisters...and younger brother...

  5. Don't be quick to exclude yourself, eldest brother! You've contributed to the gash in my forehead just as much as the rest of 'em - but more in a "what's he going on about? let me fetch a dictionary" kind of way.

  6. CLB Says:

    I hope I have contributed as well!

  7. You more than anyone, CLB.

  8. Lisa TS Says:

    This is why bangs were invented.
    Mind you, I think you should embrace your wrinkles, they are lovely.
    It is interesting that Edgerton has morphed into the butt of these jokes (I know that is poor english but it made me laugh) on this ever evolving blog.

  9. haha - yes perhaps I should grow a fringe.

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