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I like words that dance off the ol' tongue, but often these words do not play a role in every day conversations and trying to fit them in can be challenging. You may have noticed the use of the word 'phantasmagorical' in a couple of my posts. Saying that word makes me feel the way Maria Von Trapp felt as she spun around on the mountaintop bursting with song. Why, I can barely utter it without spinning around my living room, dodging Edgerton's big screen TV. But trying to fit it into a conversation with the supermarket checkout lady can be tricky. And Edgerton just doesn't take me seriously when I use words like phantasmagorical.

Speaking of Edgerton, he sometimes demonstrates an interesting use of the English language. Just yesterday he said that he did something "just for poops and giggles". Okaaaaay, then.

Being a Scot, Edgie also has the habit of overusing the word 'bloody' and The Youngsters get called 'little buggers' quite regularly. Also, in the way of the Brits, he tends to modify words by shortening them and adding "ie" on the end, as in sarnie for sandwich, bickie for biscuit and brekkie for breakfast.

Edgerton has introduced me to a couple of my favourite dancing off the tongue words: lovely-jubbly and fandabidosie. Such joyful words. Fandabidosie has to be the happiest word in the English language. But not all of my favourite words represent happy things. In fact, sometimes I don't like what they represent at all. Take muttonchops, for example. Great word. Giant sideburns? Not so much. And how about gibberish? Another fun word, but who wants to listen to a load of nonsensical crap? Ooooh - nonsensical. That's a good one.

Now I must take my leave as the day is young and I must find an opportunity to use the word serendipitousness (which isn't a real word but should be).

If you have a moment, please comment below - what's your favourite word?
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5 Responses
  1. CLB Says:

    I enjoy the use of the word wonky. It can be used to describe lots of things: my head feels wonky, does that table look wonky to you?

  2. Nancy Barnes Says:

    A lot of my favourite words are not fit to print on such a lovely blog. However, I think we all know two of my favourite words are Gobshites and
    Eejits. And I get to say them a lot because the world is full of 'em!

  3. Iron Monkey Says:

    "Poops and giggles" is the lamely PG13 version...

  4. D. M. Swart Says:

    'Aluminum', 'linoleum', 'meliflous' - especially when read by James Earl Jones.

    Anything read by Morgan Freeman.

    I heard 'brobdignagian' was voted the ugliest sounding word somewhere.

    Oh, and 'Shiggles' is a nice portmaneau.

  5. DM, your comments always entertain me. Mellifluous rocks!

    Never having read Gulliver's Travels I had to look up brobdignagian. I agree Uggggg-ly.

    And you've enlightened me ... fo' shiggles is a short version of "for shits and giggles"??? I just heard of "for shits and giggles" the other day and now this? I feel so doltish and hebetudinous.

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