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I went to coffeegeek.com today. I actually went to a website with "geek" in the title. Will wonders never cease.

It's all dear Edgerton's fault. It all started when, on spying his brand new shiny French press on the counter, I suddenly had a craving for coffee. Many moons ago I would have just thrown a few spoonfuls of Nescafe in and sploshed in some hot water on top of it. A hasty plunge later and I'd be drinking what, at the time, I would have considered a decent coffee. But not now. Not since Edgerton.

As I typed coffeegeek.com into the browser I knew my anal retentive husband would be proud. As I preheated the carafe and carefully measured out the freshly ground Ethopia Yergacheffe Aricha Organic coffee beans from 49th Parallel Roaster I knew that, had Edgerton been watching, a tear would have come to his eye. As I stirred my coffee concoction precisely six times with the coffeegeek recommended chopstick, I realized that my husband had turned me into a coffee snob.

I have to admit - Edgie makes THE best coffee. But now I am spoiled. Tim Hortons, once acceptable, now makes me want to hurl. When Edgie's not around, I suffer greatly ... but I shall suffer no more ... not now that I have coffeegeek.com as backup.

Having Mr. Persnickety as a husband can be trying at times, but how can I complain when I am so often the recipient of lovingly made cappuccinos, often delivered with a latte art heart? I am proud of my coffee geek. In fact, on entering the coffeegeek's website I think that the front page image should be Edgerton himself , smugly sipping a fresh brew, the air of superiority wafting off the page. And that, would bring a tear to my eye.
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5 Responses
  1. CLB Says:

    I have had many a cappuccino or as I call them a Robappuccino and they are quite good. I shall forgive him his snobbery on this one.

  2. Lisa TS Says:

    Rob's cappucinos are the best ever. Especially when he creates a picture in the foam. Most coffee does suck now. Our friendship is at its best over a Robappucino. Really looking forward to one tomorrow...hint..hint..

  3. Iron Monkey Says:

    Yes I am anal (and proud of it)!

    First off, it was Ethiopian Harrar Longberry from local roaster Waterloo Coffee Company (http://www.waterloocoffee.com/), although 49th Parallel is my current espresso of choice.

    Second off, I am REALLY proud of the anality you showed in brewing yourself a cuppa! And was it worth it?

    Lastly, its a "Robaccino" not a "Robappucino". That's what H calls 'em anyway.

  4. Lisa TS Says:

    Yes anal boy, but Robappucino sounds more Italian...and sophisticated...or something

  5. Nancy Barnes Says:

    Mmmmmmm, coffee by Rob. Lovely indeed. By the time I next visit Waterloo, I assume I won't have to wait for Rob to make me something decent. Keep on geeking, Heather!

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