Heather Smith

There are many words spouses fear hearing from their significant others:

We need to talk.
I don't love you anymore.
I've found somebody new.
It's not you, it's me.

Scary words indeed. But nothing frightens my husband more than:

Maybe we should consider....

Seems harmless enough. I suppose it would be if what followed was along the lines of:

... putting in another flower bed.


... having roast beef for dinner tonight.

But I have never followed "maybe we should consider" with the above phrases. Here is what I am more likely (and have) followed it with:

... moving to Germany for six months.
... getting a dog.
... having another baby. (to be clear, that one was AGES ago)
... doing a home exchange.

So, you see, "maybe we should consider" puts poor dear Edgerton on edge. His body stiffens, his eyes narrow, and the pens in his pocket protector shake from his rapidly beating heart. Ultimately, what happens is this - my smashing idea is rejected before it's even uttered. So I need a new opener. And it can't be "So I was thinking" ... that has already been exhausted and is now in retirement. Any ideas? Please post below.
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6 Responses
  1. Iron Monkey Says:

    Maybe you should consider... ironing my damn shirt. Look at that wrinkly thing.

  2. CLB Says:

    How about can I bend your ear for a tick?

  3. Nancy Barnes Says:

    I guess I was the cause of this: Maybe we should consider getting that damn room ready for my *#*4$$) sister!!

  4. Iron Monkey: It's not THAT wrinkly. Okay, maybe it is ... just a bit. But that Giller Prize winner isn't going to write itself.

    CLB: Bend your ear for a tick - I like.

    Nancy: Haha. Nah, that one we both agreed on.

  5. Lisa TS Says:

    What about "Lisa thinks we should..." For example, Lisa thinks we should get a dog once April is in Kindergarten.

    That photo is classic.

  6. Lisa - Unfortunately, "Lisa thinks we should" would probably result in the same negative reaction as we are known to be in cahoots with each other.

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