Heather Smith

You crossed a line, my friend. Nobody and I mean NOBODY disrepects my Jian the way that you did today.

You made a big boo-boo, Thornton. Canada loves Ghomeshi. LOVES him. You lost some fans today, dumbass.

Canada too reserved for you, huh? Prefer playing in joints where people throw stuff, huh? Well, Billy Bonehead, I'm one Canadian who likes to chuck stuff around and I got a nice big brick here with your name on it.

You know what, Billy Bob? You can kiss my arse. And you know what else? Your band can kiss it too. At first I felt sorry for your crew, sitting awkwardly in the Q studio while you acted like a COMPLETE MORON. But their silence only made them look like weak, cowardly jerks. They should be ashamed.

FYI, just so you know, you're a dipshit.


Old Biddy

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7 Responses
  1. CLB Says:

    Really who does he think he is??? Some washed up old dude that's a total skeet treating Jian like that? I think not!

  2. CLB Says:

    And I meant to say that Jian handled the whole thing really well.

  3. Jian deserves a medal.

  4. Nancy Barnes Says:

    That was probably one of more disturbing interviews I have witnessed. Jian should've just stopped the interview.

  5. Lisa TS Says:

    I agree with everyone. I was hoping you, the CBC/Jian Queen, would address this in your blog. Bad drugs = Billy Bob.

  6. Iron Monkey Says:

    It ain't the drugs. He is just a self-indulgent egomaniac who is clearly in denial about the fact that the only thing remotely interesting and interview-worthy about his band is the fact that it is fronted by an actor who is himself only famous because he made a couple of movies an had a trashy marriage to a vaguely incestuous (but hot) foreign-baby collecting actress.

    Oh, and it was 6:00 am. I am pretty grumpy then too.

  7. Nan Forler Says:

    This is my all-time favourite blog, ever, in all of cyber-space.
    "No one messes with Jian!" I shouted when I heard the interview.
    Send him over to kiss my old wrinkled biddy ass when he's in Eastbridge kissing yours!

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