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There's too much trash on TV these days and it's causing me to have unclean thoughts about All Creatures Great and Small.

Last night I was watching series five, episode six - A New Chapter. In it, James is gone to a lecture on metabolic diseases, leaving Helen home alone with a pot of liver and bacon. Soon, James' boss, Siegfried Farnon, arrives. Helen, who is packing boxes in preparation for a big move, complains to Siegfried that she fears James will be hitting the pub after the lecture and will drink too much. Then the following exchange:

Helen: I've got liver and bacon in the oven and now he says he's going to have a sandwich on the way.

Siegfried: Liver and bacon? Don't tempt me.

Helen: You hungry?

Siegfried: I'm always hungry ... but I mustn't trespass on your hospitality.

Helen: Oh please do (she passes him a drink and sits down next to him). It'll only be wasted and I can do with the company.

Siegfried: Could you? (he put his hand on her arm and leaves it there)

Helen: Well it is a bit depressing packing up ones home.

Siegfried: I expect it is.

Helen: Oh please stay and keep me company. (Then, coyly) Unless you hate liver and bacon.

Siegfried: (smiling like a fox in a hen house) Oh I like liver and bacon.

They smile at each other and chink glasses.

Had I been watching something other than All Creatures Great and Small I would have believed what was in the back of my mind ... that they weren't really talking about liver and bacon. But, let's be real here, there's no way Siegfried and Helen would go at it while James is away. It's unthinkable ... yet, for a moment, I thought it. I have been jaded by modern TV and it's racy story lines.

So how do I watch this delightfully pure show when impure thoughts keep worming their way into my head? All I can do is repeat the following mantra: There is no room for rumpy-pumpy on All Creatures Great and Small, there is no room for rumpy-pumpy on All Creatures Great and Small.
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3 Responses
  1. CLB Says:

    Oh I like liver and bacon...there is nothing untoward about the statement at all. Tsk tsk.

  2. Nancy Barnes Says:

    Rumpy-Pumpy?? That sounds like fun!!

  3. Iron Monkey Says:

    Can I have some liver and bacon later on?

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