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I haven't blogged in two whole days now and it's Billy Bob Thornton's fault. Man, that whole Billy Bob/Jian Ghomeshi really got to me. But I'm over it now. Really I am. I've written a ranty song for CBC Canada Writes about it. I've posted disparaging remarks and bad publicity links for Billy Bob on Facebook. I've even twittered (tweeted? twitted?) about it. It's out of my system now. Completely. Billy Bob who?

Now that I've calmed down I've had a chance to reflect on why I got so angry. I mean, in an earlier blog post I wanted to throw a brick at BBT's head. That's not me. I'm not a violent person. I do yoga for God's sake. I meditate. I am the epitome of peace. I could replace the dove.

So here's the deal and I know I'm not alone on this ... but as someone who is at home all day with a young child, CBC keeps me company ... it provides me with some adult conversation. In years gone by, this wasn't so much of a problem for moms who stayed at home. Edna or Ruth or Marge some other old biddy from next door would pop over for a cup of tea and a bickie ... but it's not like that now ... not where I live anyway. All I have are my BFFs from CBC - Jian Ghomeshi in the morning, Rita Celli at lunch, and Aamer Haleem in the afternoon. I can't talk back to these people, granted, but I feel I know them quite well. It's like they are right there with me at my kitchen table - Jian and Aamer with their coffee (one sugar for Jian, black for Aamer) and Rita with her green tea (she's very health conscious). I sip my tea and listen to their titillating conversation, nodding in agreement as they discuss the serious issues and laughing loudly at the occasional hilarity. When Jian speaks I often look in his direction flirtatiously. "Oh, Jian" I say. "You are SO right about that. Good point."

So you see, when some bonehead with a hillbilly name (nothing like the sophisticated sounding Jian Ghomeshi) struts into my home, knocking over the good pottery mugs that I had laid out for my guests (the biggest one for Aamer, coffee is his fuel) and looks down his nose at my no-name digestive biscuits, I get riled. Even more so when he disrespects my guests and my country.

That's how it is with CBC and me. These hosts are my old biddy neighbours ... so if you're an egotistical celebrity with an holier than thou attitude you'd better think twice before messing with my Edna or Ruth or Marge - 'cuz this peace-lovin', yoga-crazy hippie will get a bad case of blog rage and through the power of the almighty rant will turn your name to mud.

See? Told ya. I'm over it. It's out of my system. Completely.
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  1. Nancy Barnes Says:

    Call me. I'll be your CBC radio therapist. Of course, you'll have to be my CBC television therapist. Carole, Evan...

  2. Lisa TS Says:

    You are totally right. When I went back to work outside of the home full-time, not only did I miss my kids, but my friends at CBC radio. I definitely feel less informed now.

  3. Lisa TS Says:

    Oh and...I am lovin' the photo of Jian.

  4. CLB Says:

    Jian is my CBC boyfriend and yes I know that Brian works at CBC but whatever...Jian and Carla for life.

  5. Don Says:

    BBT, huh? Shorthand for big bloody tool, perhaps?

    And shouldn't you have said "Good point." to Aamer?

    Speaking of Aamer, it's interestging that the spelling of his name is anglicized. Hearing it, I assumed it was Amr Khalim. Funny how the mind works after a few years in the Gulf.

  6. Nancy Barnes Says:

    Big Bloody Tool!!! LMAO!!!

  7. Haha - true,I should have said Good Point to Aamer!

    I like your shorthand.

  8. Lisa TS Says:

    Lisa & George S. for life...

  9. Nancy Barnes Says:

    Lisa and George S for life!!?!?!?! That better be someone other than George S of The Hour, missy! Because I am HIS girlfriend. And I get very jealous...

  10. Nan Forler Says:

    I'm with you. CBC is my life. Jian is my man. Forever.
    Yesterday, Kevin met a guy from Moxy Fruvous, playing french songs at his school and they talked about Billy Bob and Jian and then he gave him a Moxy Fruvous CD for FREE! Eek! Stick to the radio, Jian, my man.

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