Heather Smith
I was just listening to CBC radio's Spark, a fantastic programme about technology and culture.

I was struck by a piece entitled "Al Rae on Facebook Mea Culpas". Al Rae masterfully told his story of reaching AA's step nine, making amends with the people in your past, and doing so ... though Facebook.

It was a well written, touching, and funny piece, the best line being "to think you're the worst person in the world is another form of narcissism. It's like you can't just be a horse's ass, you have to be Seabiscuit's ass".

I googled Al Rae afterwards. Turns out he's the Artistic Director of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. No surprise there. His talent as a comedy writer came through loud and clear in this Spark piece.

Listen for yourself by clicking the link above.
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7 Responses
  1. Lisa TS Says:

    Is this blog being funded by the CBC?

  2. HAHAHA - just a reflection of my status as a stay at home mom - only the voices from the radio keep me connected to adult conversation.

  3. Lisa TS Says:

    I will have to give you a call from my home office this week.

  4. Nancy Barnes Says:

    Will check it out later, but he sounds pretty funny. I often wonder...where do the atheist's go for alcohol abuse?

  5. CLB Says:

    Yesterday when Richard Stursberg was on CBC taking calls from the local poeple. One man said that CBC needed less Jian Ghomeshi. I think he is one of those old people that you love.

  6. Lisa TS Says:

    Less Jian?? Oh Heather, are you still on the side of the old folk?

  7. Old friggin' geezer.

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