Heather Smith

I really am an old biddy. Forty years old with the aches and pains of an eighty year old, and, I tell ya, this damp spring weather is killing me.

My doctor understands. He's ancient. We're like that (my arthritic index finger is wrapped lovingly around my arthritic pointer finger, protecting it from the chill).

"Go on holiday," Doctor Oldie says. "Go to Mexico."

Mexico. Let's see. Aches and pains or Swine Flu? Swine Flu or aches and pains? Hmmmm. In Canada, with my best friend the heating pad, I shall remain.

Got me thinking though. Maybe I should consider a trip south. But where? The only place I've ever really fancied is the Yorkshire Dales ...THE YORKSHIRE DALES??? Holy Swine Poop! What was I thinking? Here was me with visions of sitting in my thatched cottage, drinking tea in front of the fire, listening happily to the sound of the wind and the rain hammer the windows ... I didn't consider how my poor old hips would feel about it ... I never gave a second thought to my wrists or to my knees! No, I was just going to drag them along with me on my adventure - unwilling participants as I frolicked through the dales and performed strenuous veterinary procedures as I joined the local vet on his rounds. How would my shoulders feel about pulling lambs from their mothers in drafty barns? How would my knees feel about standing in a field giving vaccinations to a herd of cattle in the driving rain?

I have been selfish. Perhaps I should reconsider this wild and crazy dream. Perhaps I should pick a new place to obsess about. Do they have thatched cottages in Morocco? Could I wear a Barbour jacket and khaki wellies in Egypt and go fly-fishing in the Nile? No, of course not. I need to face facts. My Yorkshire dream is all the more appealing because of the occasional rainy and damp day. My thatched cottage and open fire is all the more charming when the out of doors is soggy and drenched.

So screw the joints. Damp weather? I'll cope. And anyway, on days when my hips act up, old Mrs. Thompson from Happydale Farm will drop by with a hearty stew to warm my soul. And the local veterinary doctor won't mind if I'm not up to following him on his rounds, in fact, he might even be relieved.

There's only one place where I can frolic ... I know that now ... and that's the Yorkshire Dales.
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  1. Nancy Barnes Says:

    Have faith, Old Biddy, eventually there will be a cure for arthritis and all your dreams will come true!!!!

  2. CLB Says:

    I think the vet will be very relieved indeed!

  3. Lisa TS Says:

    Probably Arizona may be the place for you to recoup physically...but Arizona?? I think with Mrs Thompson's stew you'd be happier in the Dales. I'll knit you a warm wool fishermen's knit sweater and all will be fine.

  4. Lise Says:

    Heather...just read your Yorkshire Dream. As fate would have it...good friends of mine actually own a B&B in the Yorkshire Dales...

    Jan and Barry are wonderful people (like me, Jan survived a year of working at the Waterford a lifetime ago). Enjoy...even if it is just a virtual holiday! Your cousin Lise in BC

  5. Lise,

    That's it, my accommodation is decided! What a beautiful B&B! It looks like a great place to rest ones head after a day of frolicking on the Dales. Now all I have to do is get there....

    Great to hear from you!


  6. CLB Says:

    Okay I'm sold! Let's all go for hols on the Dales.

  7. Lisa TS Says:

    Wait for me - I am free after May 27th - maybe I can be a surrogate family member.

  8. CLB Says:

    Lisa, I think you are already family. I mean you are Heather's BFF.

  9. Nancy Barnes Says:

    OMFG I don't think I can take another sister!!!!!!

  10. Lisa TS Says:

    LOL. But I would be the pleasant sister that placates everyone.

  11. Nancy Barnes Says:

    Hmmm, I thought that was ME!! LOL

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