Heather Smith
Following one's favourite celeb on Twitter can be quite exciting. When I first entered into the world of Twitter I was thrilled to know what Jamie Oliver was having for lunch and Stephen Fry's clever and witty posts always caught my attention.

Wow. Stalking from your easy chair - what could be better than that?

That's what I thought for the first week anyway. And then some of the celebs started to share too much ... and shattered the illusion of who I thought they were.

For example, one of my favourite singer-songwriters posted this: Would you rather eat your own poo or drink someone else's vomit?

Had this been a post from some random person on my list I would have rolled my eyes at the dumbness of it and immediately hit the Remove button. But I didn't. And why didn't I? Because of this person's celebrity status?? Boy am I sad.

Question is, do we really want to get to know our celebs? I am not sure that I do.

I even had a little scare with my man, Jian Ghomeshi, when I joined his Facebook fan page. There, "Jian" posted regularly and shared lots of pics. Sounds great, doesn't it? Well it wasn't. I didn't really want to see photo upon photo of Jian and his girlfriend! Another illusion shattered. And the photo album entitled "Beer, booze and babes" really turned me off - where had my charming, respectable radio host gone???

Turns out this fan page was run by an impostor! Phew, now I can go back to my fantasy world of thinking Jian is mine and only mine.

Following the stars on Twitter or Facebook is a gamble. The info they post can either be endearing or off-putting. Do I want to follow their posts and get closer to their real lives or do I want to live in my fantasy world and maintain the image of who I think they are? When the posts are of the poo/vomit variety I think I prefer the latter.
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7 Responses
  1. Don Says:

    Celebrity is based on image and fantasy, but the sustained interaction of Twitter means that sooner or later the real person behind the celeb will be uncovered, or maybe even thrown up.

  2. Nancy Barnes Says:

    Yes, our singer / songwriter Twitterer does write some strange stuff. Her agent told her to stop it. And a lot of the celebs on Twitter just aren't all that interesting. Except Stephen Fry. I want to marry him. Exceptionally funny in 140 or less.

  3. CLB Says:

    You can follow Jian on Twitter. You know of course that I am!

  4. franceypants Says:

    ive managed to stay away from twitter. but I'm only just managing!

  5. Kent Says:

    Well, now I want to know - would you rather eat your own poo or drink someone else's vomit?

  6. That's my little secret.

  7. Lisa TS Says:

    I must be turning into an old biddy because I have no interest in following any celebrity's twitter comments (only Heather's posts).

    How much more egomanical can people be to think that people actually care what their every thought is? I really believe their 'wranglers' are writing many of the posts.

    Mind you, give me a celebrity photos site and I am hooked.

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